Month: May 2014

Startup Weekend Melbourne Women, Part 1

(This is Startup Weekend Melbourne Women, Part 1: The Schedule, and will be followed by Startup Weekend Melbourne Women, Part 2: The Projects!)

From Friday 16 May – Sunday 18 May, Startup Weekend (“launch a startup in 54 hours”!) held a special edition event: Startup Weekend Melbourne Women.

This had a similar structure to the She Hacks hackathon (see my write-ups, part 1, 2, 3), but there were also a few significant differences (maybe based on feedback from She Hacks? I’m not sure!) that made it even better.

The Schedule

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Woman OS

Since starting Girls Club in January 2013, I’ve met more women than ever before in my adult life, and recently I’ve been thinking about how some of these women have really stood out – they’ve been different somehow, and I’ve been trying to articulate why. As far as I’ve formed a theory, it goes like this: if there was a Woman OS, it’s like most women (for centuries!) have been running OS 1, but some have OS 2.

The most recent example was when a woman came up to me and said, “Hi, are you Fox? Do you run Girls Club? I want to speak to you!” – and as she talked to me about her business and her idea for a project, she was so straight-forward about it: she knew and accepted that she was skilled, and she knew and accepted that I was skilled, and it was a conversation without insecurities, ego, judgment, competition, playing-the-game niceties or self-effacement. It was healthy and refreshing, and I thought, “This is what I’ve been noticing – here’s the perfect example – she’s different, somehow!”

Features of Woman OS 2:

  • Straight forward
  • Knows and accepts her skills, and can promote them and be proud of them
  • Not concerned with how someone else will judge her in OS 1 ways (appearance, status, etc) – only in OS 2 ways (skills, smarts, evolution & adaption, respectfulness, etc)
  • No judging or speaking negatively about other women unless for constructive reasons
  • No mind games with other women
  • Not interested in gossip
  • Healthy, upfront confrontation: if she has a problem with you, she will address it, rather than acting one way to your face and then another way behind your back

I don’t know, for now, how to explain it better than that. It’s fascinating though.

On Friday 14 March, I did a pregnancy test and it showed two lines. Bam! I immediately bought Elevit (vitamins for pregnancy) so that my body would have all the right vitamins/etc, and nausea pills (they’re mostly ginger) just in case I felt sick (such a good decision… because it happened straight away).

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Favourite Talks from Web Directions Code

I loved being around coders talk about code for two days. It felt like there was less bullshit than there’d normally be in a big room of people… these aren’t the people trying to sell things. These are the people who make things.

Andrew Fisher – A Device API Safari

@ajfisher talked about some of the interesting APIs that are available (and upcoming) for devices (anything connected – like smartphones, laptops, info kiosks in shopping centres, robots, clothing with computer chips, Jawbone UP/Fitbits, etc).

For example, we can get devices to do different things based on:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • pressure
  • device proximity
  • user proximity
  • battery status & use
  • ambient light
  • the device’s vibration functionality

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