Long Weekend

There was a magical week this week – it had two long weekends.

The first weekend we had some things booked, so we stayed in town. We spent some time with my family, James’s family, played catch-up with friends, and went to celebrity theatresports.

The second weekend, we drove down the coast to Blairgowrie. Silence and trees.

We took Jetpack to the dog beach a couple of times, and had a good run around.

On Friday night, we went to the drive-in. It was the first time either of us had been!

We saw Divergent (I gave it 7-10 – the last act let it down. Also, note to self: Don’t ever watch any trailers, ever, again! They give everything away!) and I had a great time, snuggled up with warm blankets and fun snacks in the car.

We had dinner at a winery on Saturday night, and on Sunday, we met with a friend for breakfast then went to Heronswood, which is part of The Diggers Club (a gardening club that James belongs to, thanks to a gift membership from our clever friend Hannah!). The scenery was beautiful.

We are very fortunate.

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