Inspired / Stuck

I was listening to episode 9 of Back to Work yesterday, and Merlin Mann was talking about how (paaaarraapphrrraasseddd) thinking doesn’t get us doing-what-we-want-do-be-doing. Only doing gets us there. For example, writing gets us writing. Not thinking about writing. I need to be regularly reminded of that.

I slowed down on my 1,000 words per day habit because I made Work (freelance work) my new priority. And, duh! Of course I have been starting to struggle with writing, and updating the site, and even communicating and sharing thoughts. I need to backtrack and make Work and Words both a priority – maybe on different days of the week.

Yesterday I had a wonderful, inspiring catchup with a friend, Kate Storey. She is in the same position as me – isn’t sure that she wants to work full-time anymore, because she would like to pursue her own projects, so she’s thinking about working part-time and having a day or two to herself, to work on her own ideas. We’re going to work one day a week together, in the same space. I really want to find a group of people like this… so that we can all work alongside each other, and inspire each other, but I can’t seem to find the right people!

For the day, I worked out of a friend’s company’s office – White Labelled, in Richmond. Working in another company’s environment when you don’t actually have a job there is so strange! I wanted to have chats with the owners and ask them how they wanted to improve their companies and if I could help… I wanted to see how their team communicates and how new staff are inducted and how they share knowledge and a million other things, and see if I could help.

If anyone else does the Strengths test, please share your results with me, I’m interested to know! My profile is Pioneer-Stimulator: I thrive on working with the unknown and the untested, I thrive on obstacles and risks, and I thrive on encouraging people and raising their energy. That might seem really dorky and fluffy, but to me it makes perfect sense – I’ve been loving working with startups and in every company, I try to improve everything, from processes to staff happiness to client satisfaction to project quality, etc.

I feel inspired, but I also feel stuck. I want to put all my energy into something, but my freelance work is piecemeal and I’m not sure what else to do. I want to make the Milkshake Collective idea happen, but don’t know what next-steps to take. Ah!

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