This is the first day I haven’t had a post ready on time. I have a schedule of Tue/Thu/Sat but… well… I wasn’t sure what to say on Thursday until past midnight, when I was reading a post in a Lean In Circle and someone linked to this video! I am such a dope. I bookmarked the Lean In Lectures page after the Creating a Level Playing Field video blew me away, but I hadn’t been through all the other ones. So I missed what I’ve been searching for, for a loooooong time. It was right under my nose.

After reading various books/etc on finding-my-skills, including Finding Your Element by Ken Robinson (which I found hopeless; a mishmash of other texts), I was absolutely none the wiser when it came to understanding myself. I did all these exercises on strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes, talents, skills, interests, and so on… and came up with vague conclusions like “I like learning” and “I like helping others.” Great. That’s not helping me with thinking about jobs, roles, what I should do, or what I’m good at!

But only just tonight I watched this video, and did the test, and everything clicked.

The video is called Know Your Strengths, Own Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham, who runs a leadership effectiveness program called StandOut. The StandOut test is usually $15, but he’s generously given a promo code to Lean In, so we can take it for free. I did the online test and, for once! – what it’s telling me is really helpful. Tomorrow I’m going to do the strengths exercise called SIGN and next week I’ll look at the other activity sheets that were on the StandOut site. Blimey! But of course it needs to be 2am to find something inspiring and massively helpful.

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