1,000 Words

I’m doing SUPER BAD with my 1,000 words at the moment.

“Oh, why? You’re at home all day, every day! What are you, being lazy?!”

No, pug-face.

1. I’m not keeping good office hours.

Here are two recent weeks.

I’ve fallen into my terrible night owl habit of getting to work at 10am or 11am, and staying up until the wee hours on some nights. It’s terrible! It messes with your body clock, you don’t keep a good routine for eating/etc, and you work on all the wrong things.

I need to start waking up and falling asleep with the rest of this city. Realistically, I probably need to go somewhere else to work (where there are other people), at least on a couple of days per week, to keep a good routine and body clock. (Bam! she says, setting her alarm for a bright-and-early 7am, when it is 11:44pm right now, and she still wants to watch an episode of Castle before bed.)

2. I’m rarely writing on weekends.

Weekends are social, James is home or we’re out and about, and there are loads of distractions. I wasn’t sure about whether to delete them from the 1,000-a-day goal, but I need to. Realistically, they’re not going to happen. I’ve updated the totals now, so weekends aren’t included.

3. Studying and writing are hard.

I need to write before I get too many distractions in my day, and I need to write before I get too tired from decision fatigue (which also happens in the second half of the day). So, writing is clearly a good task for the morning. However! My Coursera course also has the same requirements, but I can’t squeeze them both into the first half of the day. And both of them are quiet tasks… sitting still and thinking, sitting still and typing, sitting still and watching lectures and taking notes. It makes you go NUTS for distractions when there’s so much sitting-still. You are itching to just look that one word up in the dictionary, or just google that thing, or just bookmark that site you heard about before you forget it, or just add that task to your task list before you forget to, or just completely reorganise your address book, or, or, or! Your imagination conjures up topics you want to write about (when you’re studying) or you start feeling desperate to catch up on some of your study (when you’re writing). And alluva sudden you have amazing ideas for… anything else! If I contact this person, I could introduce them to this other person, and then they could do that project they always wanted to do, or I want to make an iPhone app, and I want to sketch it right now! or Oh, I have an idea for a business.

4. Oh, I have an idea for a business.

Well, there’s a distraction. Bam!

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