2014 Resolution Progress

OK, I’m one month into my 2014 Resolution and I want to do a quick review.


The two main resolutions,

  1. Writing 1,000 words per day
  2. Publishing 3 website updates per week

have been complementing each other.

In IA Writer (my no-distractions writing program) I have this prompt:

Most days when I sit down to write, I see that phrase, and consider whether there’s anything I’ve been thinking about that I can try putting into words. Once I have a draft, I move it into Scrivener and revise it. This usually works. I usually end up with one first draft, or even a few. I might write enough for several website updates, so then I can schedule them into WordPress for my update days (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

If I manage to get that done, I have a week’s reprieve: I don’t need to think about publishing for a week, so every day I can either look at the prompt, and maybe write about something else that’s on my mind, or I can take a break from sharing thoughts, and try to write something else entirely, like fiction.

I’m behind on my 1,000 words per day, mostly due to weekends where I’ve enjoyed taking a complete break from everything and I’ve spent more time being social. I considered changing the “1,000 words per day” resolution to “1,000 words per weekday” so that I have weekend breaks and don’t feel burdened by the word count, but… I think, deep down, I like my tough target (because 1,000 words per day isn’t terribly hard, so catching up will be challenging).


As for my other resolutions – I need to improve my commitment to:

  • Morning pages (daily) – I’m only doing this every few days, because I think, “My thoughts aren’t really busy today, so I don’t need to do it! I need that precious time for (my course, an interview, seeing a friend, something else) instead!” But that’s stupid, because it’s the daily longhand writing that’s really important to get me into sharing mode, and to get ideas flowing. I need to bring this baby back.
  • Book reading (daily) – Aaaah! At least I’ve been a bit better, and instead of reading zero books in January, I read three. Whew. I’m reading a book on mindfulness at the moment, and it is basically the opposite of a page-turner. But I’m a big believer (belieber) in sticking with books, because I seem to learn something from every one, even if they’re terrible or lame.
  • Artist date (weekly) – Again, aaaah! I’m so bad at this. I’m so bad at taking myself on dates! However, I have booked in several interesting dates, upcoming: “How to Draw Badly” at the Supergraph art fair, “An evening with Jean Lin” at SheSays Melbourne, Melbourne Writers’ Club meetup, 4-week digital photography short course, and a couple of classes at The School of Life (“How to be Confident” and “How to Find a Job You Love”). That’ll do, pig, that’ll do.
Monthly Theme

The theme for January was “1,000 words” so that I could concentrate on that, without adding anything else into the mix.

The February theme was going to be “Student” because I have my Coursera course and I also had a digital photography course lined up… but it was cancelled. Bum. So that’s been moved to March, and now I have a last-minute theme change: “Work.” Because… as it turns out, I have some work projects on at the moment, and besides writing, I need that to be my next priority for now. Work! Super exciting, right?! (I hope to make it so.)

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