What Is Your Fun?

Have you ever thought about what you find fun? I came across this question in The Artist’s Way, and seriously, I was stumped.

I know the excited, joyous feeling of fun, from my past. As a child, making places and objects out of Lego, and using Playmobil and Barbies and other toys to create stories, quests, dramas, romances. As a teenager, singing and acting at school. As a young adult, dancing all night. But after that?

I see what other people find fun. One friend has oodles of fun running around at music festivals. Another friend really enjoys seeing her favourite bands. At NYE, I watched a group of people having fun playing backyard cricket together in the summer sun. Another friend delights in shopping, and always finds a couple of super-fun things to buy. Another friend relishes the fun worlds of Harry Potter and other bestsellers. Another friend happily anticipates a precious night alone, wining and dining herself at a favourite restaurant, or seeing a fun movie, or staying in for take-out and her favourite TV shows.

To find my own answers, at the beginning of last year I took my Me Book and wrote, “What is your fun?” in the middle of a blank page. From then on, whenever I flicked through my Me Book, I looked at this question (and other pages, other questions) and occasionally I would think of an answer to add. Then I asked myself, “Is that the truth? Or am I just making up an answer?” and only wrote down the honest truths. (It’s hard being truthful when you don’t know the answer to something. We’re trained to think that answers are good, and not-knowing is bad.)

After a year, reading over my very-slowly-gathered answers, I can see that a lot of them (travelling, personal projects, learning, reading, writing) are activities that I really enjoy, but I don’t know if they give me that sparkly feeling of *this is fun!*

Here’s what I’m left with:
A lazy time with friends, in the sun or at dinner, talking shit.
Finding/wearing something that makes me feel great.
Interesting conversation and debates.
Paper Trail Tours, which are like days full of writing challenges.
Arty things: Markers, pencils, patterns, papers, glitter, colours, paints.
Board games.

How dorky is that? Aaaah! I don’t have much to work with, here. Still thinking about this one.

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