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Last year, there was a work project to do with bloggers, and I decided I needed to get familiar with blog directories, including Bloglovin’. For some time I browsed the site regularly, and found the categorisation slightly confusing, but I couldn’t articulate why.

It felt like… if I wanted to look for blogs that interested me, I didn’t know where to go. Most of the categories were not my thing. After I ignored the categories that didn’t grab my interest, what was left? “Lifestyle”? “Other”?

I thought about where my own website would go. If I could find that category, maybe I could find other likeminded people.

At the time, I hadn’t set up my website, but I had sketched it.


I was imagining a magazine-style website; maybe trying my hand at interviews and articles (for a section called Perspectives or Theories), and photos celebrating my friends (tentatively called Style, but I have since moved away from that label), and fiction (a section called Storytime). I looked at the Bloglovin’ categories again and briefly imagined where these topics would go. “Lifestyle”? “Other”?

Months later, I had forgotten this little memory, until I was browsing the websites of some writers: Paul Ford, Joshua Allen, and Frank Chimero. (Aside: I clearly need to find some female writers.)

When I saw the sections on Paul Ford’s site, I paused.


Cool! He even has “Story” and “Theory.”

Then I remembered the Bloglovin’ categories, and took another look at them. Aha. There’s no obvious place for theory here; for thinking, philosophy, history, science, psychology, education, articles, interviews, or fiction. It would be nice if there was. I would like to browse those sites.

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