Treat Yo Self!

Are you like me, and when faced with “products” in “stores,” you don’t buy anything? Are you like me, and like little samples of things?! Are you like me, and like magic lotions with natural ingredients that smell and feel nice? Well then, read on!

There are a bunch of subscription sample services that meet all these needs, and they are pretty fun. I read about Birchbox first, which (I think) is the most popular in the US, but they didn’t ship to Australia. Then I found an Australian one: Lust Have It.

To begin with, I tried the Monthly Beauty Box Subscription (at the time, I think it was $15/month but now it’s $20/month – do people still get tricked by this $19.95 thing? – gosh darn, stop bullshitting and just write $20!) but I didn’t really like the samples. They were all pretty… chemical.



So I cancelled that subscription, and instead, I tried the Quarterly Eco Box Subscription (which is $30/quarter). I liked this one!



Everything smelled soooo good and was also lovely to use. Hair treatment, massage oil, lipstick, eyeshadow, moisturiser, face wash, face mask… It was all a nice treat; something I wouldn’t usually buy for myself, and it was a fun surprise receiving it in the mail every few months!

Of course, I couldn’t ward off the feeling that someone would chastise me for buying ridiculous things, and I cancelled my subscription after a few boxes, but one day I will activate it again for a little while, and enjoy some more samples. If I’m well behaved.

P.s. By sheer coincidence, Michelle wrote about her favourite subscription service here: Whimseybox. I hadn’t heard of that one, but love the idea!


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