Hippie Liquorice Tea

Have you tried it? When you feel like a cosy hot drink, but you don’t want regular tea or coffee or any of the usual herbal varieties, this can hit the spot. I introduced it to my parents and now they’re addicted, and they don’t usually like hippie stuff! Don’t worry, I bought them rehab classes for Christmas.

Speaking of hippies, I have this idealised fictional version of that lifestyle in my head (peace, love, flowers, happiness), and I try to follow it, when I can. E.g.

  • Accepting people for who they are
  • Not hating on people who are different from me
  • Not bitching or complaining or being negative
  • Not getting annoyed by the small stuff
  • Not being uptight or judgmental
  • Not being fearful
  • If it’s not hurting anyone, chill out about it
  • Sticking where possible to natural & simple products
  • Not wanting for material goods
  • Not feeling like I have to be/dress/act conservative
  • Being generous
  • Being kind and loving
  • Loving myself

Sometimes I meet someone else who I think has a hippie vibe. I think, ah! – there is someone who is easygoing, and accepting of others, and positive. What usually happens is that I get to know the person a bit better, and then they passive-aggressively rant about someone else for ages. Or I find out that they are irrationally bothered by small things. Or that they hate themselves. That’s okay. I accept them for who they are. But I keep secretly hoping to meet hippie kindred spirits. (Maybe they don’t exist. I don’t know.)

Anyway, try the tea. It’s delicious!

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