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I have to make this quick – I’m due in Manila in the morning. Not really, but wouldn’t it be great to say that? Don’t tell anyone I told you I’m an international spy. This picture was taken in a top secret location.

Do you ever get to 1:00AM and just really want to watch a conference talk? I do. I put off videos and books, all the time, because I think: Well, that will take at least 30 minutes, or more realistically, one hour, and who’s got one hour? I should be writing, or preparing for tomorrow’s mission, or replying to 93 emails in Gmail, or doing some laundry so my drip-dry tuxedo is ready for this weekend’s charity gala!

I’ve been scheduling book time, so I ought to do that with videos as well. Ah! Too many things to do.

In other news, I was thinking the other day about how, even though sometimes we feel like we’re the same as everybody else, and we have nothing different to offer (all the thoughts have been thought, all of the words have been said, all of the songs have been written), that’s a complete lie. I thought about random people in my contacts book and how extraordinarily different they are from other people I know. I have never met anyone else like my brother, or my girlfriend Shannon, or my old work friend Andrew, and so on, for everyone I know! I don’t care if we can be categorised in ways that make us all seem similar – “women in their thirties who are wondering how they’ll enjoy the next 50 years and what they’ll do for work”; “privileged middle class people who have (at least) 3 tech devices, use Facebook and Instagram regularly each day, and don’t think more than a month into the future” – because that’s useful in some disciplines, but it should never make you feel like you’re not different.

So please, know that you are different. You have something different to offer, even if it’s just keeping to yourself and being a bookworm. I think the feeling of being just-one-of-many can choke our good spirits, and in some way, we shut down because of it. Don’t do that. Be different in the way you want to be. (What does this have to do with the picture? Nothing! Except that I’m due in Manila in the morning.) Hello, 2014! Big kisses.

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