50 Wardrobe

Two months ago, I was inspired by my friend Jude, who culled her wardrobe down to only 50 items. She put the rest of her outfits away; out of sight & out of mind. I loved the idea, and when I moved house in October, I did the same.

It was surprisingly easy choosing 50 things – it was easier than only trying to cull a little. I packed everything else away in a trunk, and like Jude, after 3 months I will review my wardrobe (due to the change in seasons!) and see if I want to swap anything out.

My 50 Wardrobe comprises:

2 blazers
4 light sweaters/cardigans
2 long-sleeve tops
6 nice tops
7 casual tops
2 dresses
4 skirts
3 leggings
3 pants
1 jeans
1 shorts
7 shoes
4 scarves
4 bags

Total: 50 items

I am leaving out accessories from my count (jewellery, belts) because I don’t have many, and underwear, and I’m also excluding my save-the-environment-by-wearing-more-clothes-around-the-house items (2 warm sweaters).

I highly recommend this experiment! It’s strangely fun choosing the 50 items, and it’s also fun coming up with new outfit combinations. (Creativity loves restraints.) I’ve been wearing the clothes I really like much more often, rather than perversely saving them for special occasions that don’t exist. If that makes sense. (I’ve always had a problem with saving the nice things.)

Since I’ve been done this, I’ve felt much more comfortable in what I’m wearing. It feels more me.

Here’s the original photo that Jude sent me, of her 50 Wardrobe.

Thank you Jude, for being interesting, different, inspiring!

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