4 Eye Makeup Favourites

When I did a personal style project earlier this year, and I looked for styles that appealed to me, as in, “I want to look like that,” I found some common factors on my Style pinboard. One was a 1960s eye makeup style.

I’m not saying I can do it perfectly or that I try to emulate these exactly, but I love this look! I hardly own any makeup, but now I wear eye makeup everyday.

Call me crazy,* but I wanted to share 4 of my favourites.


1. Benefit Brow Zings

Brows are underrated. They make you look friendlier. Want proof? Take a gander at no eyebrows in Google image search, or Celebs Without Eyebrows. Brows are expressive. They help you convey emotions. >:|

Anyway, my point is: really great eyebrows are fabulous.

I didn’t understand how to have great eyebrows until I visited Benefit Browbar for the first time. I’d been using tweezers, or going to a cheap salon, and they waxed brutally each time, until my brows were thin and dumb. But at Benefit Browbar, they said: “Right, here’s our ideal shape,” and they describe what makes their ideal brow shape. Then they do it. And it looks great. And at the end, they do your makeup!

In one of these makeup sessions, they introduced me to Benefit Brow Zings, and I bought one. I’d fiddled around with eyebrow pencils and didn’t like them, but this was different. “La-voila!” said the lady. “It’s this easy. Tiny little brush, with an angled tip. You can’t go wrong. Dip it in tinted wax, stroke it across your brow, and you’re done!”

With the angled brush, it’s also very easy to make a straight line at the beginning of your eyebrow (near the nose), so that it starts with a square shape, and I really like that look. And what’s more! – I bought my Benefit brow kit years ago, and there’s still plenty of tinted wax in it.

Price: ~$30
Link: Benefit Brow Zings
I buy this from: Benefit Browbar, because I like them to choose the right colour
Alternatives: ModelCo Eyebrows Designer Brow Kit ~$39, Natio Brow Kit ~$20, e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit ~$6

As an aside,

A bit more about Benefit Browbar (AU/US), which is my favourite eyebrow shaping place.

They do a ~$27 brow wax, which is pricy compared to cheap salons, however there are bonuses:

  1. Fabulous brow shape, and lots of TLC.
  2. If you get a loyalty card, every 8th visit is free, which effectively reduces the cost in general.
  3. After the wax, they take you over to a makeup counter, and say, “Would you like to try anything?” If you say you’re going out tonight and you want a different look, they’ll do it. If you say you want to try a new lip colour, or to learn how to use bronzer, or how to do a smoky eye look, they’ll show you. All for free.

2. Urban Decay 24/7 – Oil Slick

Priya introduced me to this one. I’d been using plain black eyeliner pencil since forever, and we were in Sephora. I asked, “What’s that shiny eyeliner that you wear sometimes?” She said, “Oh, it’s Urban Decay. It’s black with glitter in it. Here it is – Oil Slick.”

Since then, it’s been my everyday. Black, shiny, glitter. Love it.

Price: ~$19
Link: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil – Oil Slick
I buy this from: Sephora, but I also buy alternatives from Makeup Geek**
Alternatives: NYX Slide On Pencil ~$8, NYX Slim Eye Pencil ~$3.50, Palladio Glitter Pencil ~$5 (also available at Makeup Geek)

3. NYX Doll Eye Mascara

I don’t want to spend hours on makeup. Not even minutes. I don’t want to do two coats of mascara, or a sealer coat then a black coat, or fuss around with any of that. I don’t want to spend ages trying to clean it off. And I don’t want the mascara to smudge. Tough customer!

This mascara does exactly what I want.

  • Thick and dark
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Easy to wash off

Price: ~$11 at Makeup Geek or ~$9 at NYX
Link: NYX Doll Eye Mascara
I buy this from: Makeup Geek**

4. Palladio Eye Ink

I always liked the idea of liquid liner, but boy! was it difficult to get right.

This makes it so easy; it’s a felt tip eyeliner, and it’s really easy to draw on accurately.

Price: ~$5.50 at Makeup Geek or ~$6 at Palladio
Link: Palladio Eye Ink
I buy it from: Makeup Geek**
Alternatives: Palladio Ultra Bold Eyeliner Marker ~$8, Palladio Ultra Fine Eyeliner Pen ~$7

*Yes, I know crazy is an offensive word to use for some people. I see people being told off for saying it on Twitter. I am sorry if you find it offensive. I think we are all crazy. We’re on a crazy spectrum.

**I buy from Makeup Geek rather than NYX or Palladio because they ship to Australia.

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