Little Salon #3 – Rock

Last weekend, I had the third Little Salon event: a night of dinner & conversation.

4 people were invited, and they were all asked to bring a friend. Everyone was asked to share something that they found interesting about “rock”.

@peeela flew all the way from Sydney for this one – he is a wonderful conversationalist! – and his guest was the delightful @KatLoughrey, the Melbourne editor of The Fetch. Their topics were, respectively, the history of the expression, “between a rock and a hard place,” and the history of cocaine.

Nicole, James, Jude and Ben (who have private Twitter accounts!) spoke about near-death rock-climbing experiences; collecting rocks as a child and never knowing the beautiful sparkly rocks were merely chunks of asphalt; the experience of being taught about different types of rock in school, and a beautiful moment in history that was savoured by taking a piece of rock to remember it. My contribution was about the awful diamond industry.

We had a lovely time at Optic kitchen & bar, and I am looking forward to the next Little Salon, which is coming up soon!


I’m really enjoying running events (well, micro-events) and I want to do more. Little Salon is the conversation one, but I am thinking about others… and working on a podcast too. I would really love to bring more interestingness into peoples’ lives. Interesting conversation is a great start.

photo credit: qthomasbower via photopin cc

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