Real Picture

Geoff: Oh, I didn’t recognise you, you look different from your LinkedIn picture.
Amy: Hahahahaha who would use their real picture on LinkedIn?
Geoff: Huh? What do you mean?
Amy: Are you serious?
Geoff: Y-yeah. Why wouldn’t people use their real picture?
Amy: Oh, man. Like, come over here. (Walks over to small cactus.)
Geoff: Yeah?
Amy: That’s Janice Koehler, man. MD of IBM in Australia. You think she uses her real picture on LinkedIn? Who would trust her? She’s a fucking cactus!
Geoff: Um.
Amy: That whiteboard, over there? That’s Alex Tan, one of my top ruby developers. As if he would use his real picture!
Geoff: …
Amy: Man, you have so much to learn about the internet.

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