2013 Resolution

Last year I had one resolution: Become smarter. It was a great resolution. Side effects included:

  1. being very selective about content quality (goodbye vapid tech articles)
  2. delaying all other content (mark everything as “read later” and check the list later)
  3. exploring new and varied topics
  4. reduction of emo behaviour (you don’t feel as lonely/bored/lost when you are trying to learn)
  5. and, eventually, all of this led to something else: focus and frustration.


Historically, I’ve been a massive multi-tasker. Instead of concentrating on this sentence, I would be flicking between browser tabs, checking twitter, looking for the inspiration to finish the sentence.

But I’ve started trying to improve my focus. In my browser favourites, I have this right now page. If I get to night-time, and I see that page, and I haven’t picked up the book I’m reading, I know I need to put down whatever I’m doing and read the damn book.

I have two lists at work and home: Blur and Focus. Blur has all the things I might be doing. Focus has one. And I use a 7-folder method for work emails – Inbox, Action, Followup, ToRead, ToSave, Backlog, Archive – along with Followupthen. I’m still tweaking all of this, but I know what I’m trying to achieve. I’m trying to make some space.


Even if I keep my brain stimulated, and I can make space to think, what happens next? I’ve been trying to think about direction, meaning and passion.

2013. To consider.

For 2013, I’ve saved two sets of questions to help me think about this. They’re geeky, but I know they’ll make me think about direction, meaning and passion.

Q1. What is success? What is happiness? What am I working toward?

Q2. If I move to a new city in January, where no one knows me, and I can reinvent myself, what do I want to be? (What is your best possible self?)

Next week, I’ll sketch out my answers with pen & paper. I want the space between now and then to completely relax and not think.

2013. Creative state. 

That’s my resolution.

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