Month: December 2011

The Pup

(News reporter: “At Ms Swoffer’s home, the seal was put in a net and box but as it was being driven away in the Doc vehicle, it escaped and made its way up to the front of the vehicle, accidentally turning on the radio and ending up on the front seat.”)

Jim returned home to his momma and poppa, out of breath, delirious with excitement.

Music,” he wheezed. “And dogs.

Greta’s bottom lip trembled. “We’re losing him,” she said, so quietly that no one heard.

“Listen,” said Earl. “You’re going to get yourself killed. You either stay here and look after yourself, or we say our goodbyes to you. You’re going to get yourself killed.”

He looked so sad. So old and sad.

Jim’s flippers wouldn’t keep still. His head was already turning, to the direction from whence he came. “Music,” he said.


A heart palpitation covered in ketchup
Wrenched up a platform of dumb Os and Xs
The wench up above it adjusts skirt and scoreboard
Exes on battlefields duking it out

Siri: I can’t help you.

Flouting and pouting and severing leeways
Before it began you mangled it up
Wrangle an answer but gloss over quickly
Trick of the light in your eyes in the past

Siri: I can’t help you.