Month: July 2010

Standard Screen-Sharing Story

Today, a third party presented their service offering via web conference. Afterwards, the phone call finished but they forgot to stop screen-sharing.

We watched as the presenter clicked from their PowerPoint presentation to their web browser, where they un-paused a computer game and continued to play. It was like we were witnessing The Website is Down.

Winter 2010

I love earbuds, music, reading, colours, movies, taking leave in winter, unofficial long weekends, catching up, no rush, quiet time.

RSS :(

What about, instead of calling it Google Reader and RSS, it’s called Google Dashboard and a Dashboard Feed, and whenever you’re on someone else’s site, there’s an option to “Add to My Dashboard”. Would that make more sense to the everyperson?

Also: I wonder if RSS will ever accept other attributes so that everyone can style their feeds individually. Get some character back into the thing.