New Work

I’ve always secretly wanted to work for a start up. So I’m at a new agency, it was born about 6 months ago. The studio’s in South Yarra, surrounded by good food, fun shops and small parks that Jetpack can investigate. I’ve been catching a ride in the mornings with my housemate on his scooter, which takes about 10 minutes from Collingwood. We have some massive projects goin’ on, I’m doing what I love (UX), the studio space is lovely & white & spacious, the people are cool, the kitchen is well stocked with everything from bread & cereals to cookies & nuts, I’m working on a nice Mac Pro at the moment, and my new MacBook Pro and business cards are on their way. The place is so fresh that I decided to get a folksy jug from Ikea and have flowers on my desk.

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