Month: January 2010


I’m interested in the idea of a charity with a membership that instills such pride that you claim it as part of your identity. Proud member of. Maybe you even have to qualify to belong. Maybe all of this already exists.

New Work

I’ve always secretly wanted to work for a start up. So I’m at a new agency, it was born about 6 months ago. The studio’s in South Yarra, surrounded by good food, fun shops and small parks that Jetpack can investigate. I’ve been catching a ride in the mornings with my housemate on his scooter, which takes about 10 minutes from Collingwood. We have some massive projects goin’ on, I’m doing what I love (UX), the studio space is lovely & white & spacious, the people are cool, the kitchen is well stocked with everything from bread & cereals to cookies & nuts, I’m working on a nice Mac Pro at the moment, and my new MacBook Pro and business cards are on their way. The place is so fresh that I decided to get a folksy jug from Ikea and have flowers on my desk.


The last while has been slapdash sugarplum sloopdywow crizazy. I stumbled onto a new job (after inquiring about a project manager role at a new company, they offered me a UX one instead), I quit my old job, I had a week off, and I went down the coast to try and relax. Yes, I’ve made a couple of new year resolutions. One is to read a book each month. At the moment I’m finishing Casino Royale. I need a book for January. ?