Year: 2010

Test Drive

The sales consultant parked and we swapped places. I shifted the gear to D and accelerated, but nothing happened. The man said: “It’s quiet, but not that quiet.” Oops. I started the engine. And it was pretty much just that quiet. I bought the car.


When you see a woman finishing up some tasks at work in the evening, and she makes a quick Skype call to her man and young child to say that she’s coming home soon, and the child is happy to see his mum and blows her goodnight kisses, and he shows her his latest “Babar dance”, and she says goodnight and finishes the call and finishes her work, you know that’s what phone calls were always meant to be.

Standard Screen-Sharing Story

Today, a third party presented their service offering via web conference. Afterwards, the phone call finished but they forgot to stop screen-sharing.

We watched as the presenter clicked from their PowerPoint presentation to their web browser, where they un-paused a computer game and continued to play. It was like we were witnessing The Website is Down.

Winter 2010

I love earbuds, music, reading, colours, movies, taking leave in winter, unofficial long weekends, catching up, no rush, quiet time.

RSS :(

What about, instead of calling it Google Reader and RSS, it’s called Google Dashboard and a Dashboard Feed, and whenever you’re on someone else’s site, there’s an option to “Add to My Dashboard”. Would that make more sense to the everyperson?

Also: I wonder if RSS will ever accept other attributes so that everyone can style their feeds individually. Get some character back into the thing.

Sophistication Classes


Sophistication classes. $100 for a 2-hour class each Saturday afternoon. No commitment, no exams, no qualification. The lecturers are handpicked, A++ quality.


  • The art of conversation
  • The art of written communication
  • Other countries snapshot I
  • Other countries snapshot II
  • Human behaviour
  • Personal finance
  • Conflict and resolution
  • Engineering basics
  • The art of storytelling
  • The art of persuasion

There are 10 classes, only run twice a year, in Spring and Autumn. If you like a subject and you want to learn more, then you can request a further course in it, which is another four classes in that one subject area.