Month: October 2009

Robots for Google Wave


  • Zero – gives you a treat when you have inbox zero
  • Filer – files your waves for you based on senders, context, content
  • Bug (for web dev) – if you get a wave that’s talking about a bug or a problem on a website, Bug chases up more details about when it occurred, where, how, why, when, what browser & OS
  • Worker – hides all waves from you except certain ones e.g. marked urgent, so you can get some dang work done
  • Cal – checks your calendar, shuffles appointments around, talks to other peoples’ Cal bots to organise times and places that suit everyone
  • Outcome – lets you follow waves and notifies you when an outcome was reached by other people
  • Nudge – randomly starts a wave to someone you haven’t talk to for a while and starts off a possible note to them, saves it in draft mode, so you can edit it and send it
  • Showtime – checks the TV guide, movie guide, live show gig guides, etc, for shows you might like and sketches them into a ‘Showtime calendar’ in your iCal

So many possibilities. Oh, maybe it’s all one robot. Personal Assistant Robot.