Year: 2009

Robots for Google Wave


  • Zero – gives you a treat when you have inbox zero
  • Filer – files your waves for you based on senders, context, content
  • Bug (for web dev) – if you get a wave that’s talking about a bug or a problem on a website, Bug chases up more details about when it occurred, where, how, why, when, what browser & OS
  • Worker – hides all waves from you except certain ones e.g. marked urgent, so you can get some dang work done
  • Cal – checks your calendar, shuffles appointments around, talks to other peoples’ Cal bots to organise times and places that suit everyone
  • Outcome – lets you follow waves and notifies you when an outcome was reached by other people
  • Nudge – randomly starts a wave to someone you haven’t talk to for a while and starts off a possible note to them, saves it in draft mode, so you can edit it and send it
  • Showtime – checks the TV guide, movie guide, live show gig guides, etc, for shows you might like and sketches them into a ‘Showtime calendar’ in your iCal

So many possibilities. Oh, maybe it’s all one robot. Personal Assistant Robot.

Desktop Text Messages

Before I bought an iPhone, I had Sony Ericssons, for which I bought plugins from that allowed me to receive text messages simultaneously on my phone and on my Mac, and I could reply to them from my Mac too. It was nice being able to use the full keyboard to send out text messages, and to get the text messages on screen. It also let me know when someone was calling me, so if I had headphones on, I could see there was a phone call, and from whom, and go answer it. I wish Apple would make those features default ones in their OS, for all phones.