20 for 2020


  1. Creative time
  2. Offline time
  3. Find joy
  4. No complaints
  5. 20 books
  6. 20 day challenge
  7. 10 new experiences
  8. Walks outdoors
  9. Yoga
  10. Morning pages
  11. Artist dates
  12. Varied input
  13. Breath / be present
  14. Self care / sleep / love you
  15. Eat plants
  16. The budget
  17. 10 admin
  18. Research eco reno
  19. Show up to something (same people)
  20. Declutter / beautiful home / permanent homes for things


  • Creative time (Pomodoro)
  • Offline time (Pomodoro)
  • 1 Breath
  • 1 Walk outdoors
  • 1 Page book
  • 1 Yoga stretch
  • Gratitude / good time journal w
  • Morning pages w
  • Varied input w
  • Artist date w
  • Reach out w


w = weekly


How was 2019?

Ohhhh, let’s see how I did on my 19 for 2019.

  1. 24 books / read habit
  2. Eat more plants
  3. Try the local farmers’ market
  4. Choose a home renovator
  5. Get a cool cubby house
  6. Consider something for kids to climb too
  7. Journal habit / write habit
  8. Sketchbook habit / art habit
  9. 12 new classes / workshops (crossing it out because I tried my best and I could only do 11!)
  10. Choosing to enjoy life everyday*
  11. Be more eco friendly
  12. Make house even nicer e.g. no clutter
  13. Be less sedentary / daily walk
  14. Ballet posture
  15. Meet new people
  16. Play an instrument
  17. Clear desk
  18. Clear paperwork
  19. Less computer time

And as for my 2019 resolutions?

  • *Enjoy life – This was the main theme. For me it meant having a sense of being present and alive, and I have been gradually picking away at that one. I’m getting better at it.
  • Read a book every day – Yes.
  • Write in journal every day – Nope.
  • Draw in sketchbook every day – Nope.
  • Follow your curiosity / Make the time to do it interestingly – Nope.
  • Join the world – I tried. But nope.

Sneaking in a couple of pages of books while being around kids is pretty easy. But not journal writing or sketch-booking. And when they’re finally asleep and I have alone time (around 9pm) it’s like I do have the capacity to read more books, but not to do journalling or sketch-booking. I gotta think on that one.

August-October I was medium-sick.
October-December I had some medium-stress.
So I didn’t really feel like myself from August. It’s taken a long time to get back to feeling like me again (i.e. now! end of year!) Just in time to get ready for a new year.

Hope Pt 2

From Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit:

“We inhabit, in ordinary daylight, a future that was unimaginably dark a few decades ago, when people found the end of the world easier to envision than the impending changes in everyday roles, thoughts, practices that not even the wildest science fiction anticipated. Perhaps we should not have adjusted to it so easily. It would be better if we were astonished every day.”